Greg Martin

The Photo Shoot

The project began with the photo shoot.  Jason came in at night, and at first we had just planned to use him.  After giving it some more thought, we decided to actually “show” the concept of having my brothers six, and placing the 2 guys back to back.  Greg came in the following morning to provide the second image.

Jason Long

The Design

After the photo shoot, we took the images and began by taking out the background.  We incorporated the silhouette of the State of Missouri along with a distressed American Flag.  The design also incorporates the company name, Shield Solutions, with a thin blue line running horizontal through the name.

The design is shown here on a grey background, since that is the primary shirt color we will be using.  It’s available HERE on our site.

Show Your Support - Get Yours Now

Get It Now

As many of you know our brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement are being slaughtered on a daily basis. Because of the cost of training and ammunition, most departments can’t afford to send all their officers to good quality firearms training. Tactical firearm abilities are such perishable skills if not regularly practiced and honed that officers are losing these life saving skills because of lack of funding.

Shield Solutions Training Coordinator Matt Roberts received an idea from our brothers at Lighthorse Tactical in Birmingham, Alabama to provide our local officers with free firearms training. Shield Solutions is going to provide the facility and the training, we are asking for the public’s help with purchasing the ammunition, tourniquets and training materials.

All donations are welcome and can be dropped off at the Shield Solutions LLC office at 1205 Missouri Avenue in West Plains, MO. But if you would like to make a donation and show your support for the ones who are there when the call goes out, iDesignMemories has created this awesome shirt that depicts the “My Brother’s 6” initiative of how we gotta keep our LEO brothers and sisters safe and the public has got their 6.

Tony Logue at iDesignMemories has worked with Shield Solutions designing this shirt and is working hard to help us get the funding for this training. Thanks Tony! You rock brother!

Proceeds from the sale of each shirt is going to help pay for ammunition and training materials. Get your shirt at the link below or stop by or call Shield Solutions office at 417-256-6611. Any Missouri agency who wants more information on this training for their POST commissioned personnel please contact our office at 417-256-6611.

Please help us keep our Law Enforcement Personnel safe so they can be there when you need them.